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Why Unique Scuba’s Private Training Format Is Fundamentally Better!
Group Training

1.Group Classes Typically Yield Poorly Trained Divers

Submitting to ever increasing market pressures, traditional Retail Dive Shops have the tendency to stuff classes with as many students as possible. Retail Dive Shops usually hire independent contractors to teach these large group classes with very little oversight. The Independent Instructor usually only gets compensated a very small portion of what is paid for the training. As a result, classes are often taught quickly with only the bare minimum of attention spent with students.

2. Student to Instructor Ratios Limit Possibilities

When an instructor is required to teach a group larger than they have the ability to control, that instructor has little choice but to place all students on their knees in a small tight group. This technique began decades ago and has unfortunately become the norm of today.

3. You Can’t Become A Diver On Your Knees.

When students are taught skill development on their knees and then only tested for that skill while on their knees, they are only qualified to go diving on their knees.

Basically, with a watered down group scuba program, you’re not qualified to go diving, you are only taught how to hopefully not get yourself hurt while firmly planted on your knees on a platform.

Private Training

1. Private Training Yields Confident Divers

Finding Independent Scuba Instructors that are passionate about educating is a great place to start. Our unique training program puts the student and educator first and the retail experience comes second to that.

At Unique Scuba, we have structured our compensation system so that the Instructor receives the lionshare of class tuition. Our instructors are paid more to teach 4 students than most retail shops will pay for a class of 10.

We believe this ensures quality and encourages our educators to take their time teaching.

2. Private Attention Insures Skill Mastery

When it’s just you or a few, the instructor has no problem managing students from a neutrally buoyant diving position. When you have an opportunity to develop skill this way, you will truly become a fish.

3. Get the attention you deserve.

When an Instructor is not dividing their time up by a ratio of 10:1, they can spend the time with students to ensure proper skill mastery.

It’s simple mathematics, with private training you can learn twice as much in half the time. Because of this, we can teach you additional skills during your training.